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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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let's get to eric for the latest. >> so we will give you the latest in terms of the watches and warnings for the weather service warning for south shore cape island and south coast. winter whre advisory to the north taunt op and providence and blizzard warning is out for martha vineyard and it has nothing to do with the snow total it's about visibility and wind. strong wind at 35 miles per hour and poor visibility under a quarter mile. high wind warnings out for cape cod and nantucket. so wind gusts 40 to 60 miles per hour possible. especially late tomorrow afternoon and through tomorrow night. a wind advisory for the north shore coming off the water could see gusts upwards of 45- mile-per-hour out of the north e . wind stacking up the -- northeast. wind stacking up. watching bay side cape and minor to maybe some areas of northeast facing shorelines here we are watching the sunday morning high tide cycle which is just around lunchtime.
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afternoon. so here's the storm tonight. snow not reaching the ground yet in pennsylvania or new jersey. dry air in place but snowing in dc and ice down here in north carolina around south carolina. and we will watch the line creep towards us tonight and into tomorrow morning. you see the snow into new york late tonight and working up to our south coast by tomorrow morning. and then the snow line will start to work its way farther north as whoa head through the morning and -- we head through the morning and into the afternoon. the northern edge will evaporate some and not all will reach the ground because there's dry air in place. with the highest impack it's expected to be here the southeastern corner of the -- impact it's expected to be here. the state. snow totals low impact north of the pike. and 3 to 6 inches south eastern massachusetts and there's a low chance along the south coast a few towns may get over a half a foot. we will talk about this storm in the newscast. >> eric thank you. the storm is now dropping
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>> we found the live picture and now craig boswell is live in washington, d.c. we talked to you yesterday when everyone anticipated the storm. different scene today. >> reporter: right. lisa and david good evening to you. certainly it is. it's pastime dc officials say for people to be off the road. two hours now you will see cars still going behind us. sometimes even tourists buses. this storm is rolling in now. the salt trucks and snowplows have rolled out and i was riding on a snowplow drivers and says he is ready to maneuver from 2 to 3 feet of snow in the storm that officials are describing as life-threatening. a monday star storm created treacherous driving conditions during morning commute are georgia to virginia. people used snow blowers and small plows to clear the sidewalks in north carolina. >> we have a forecast that i doesn't think we have had in 90 years. >> reporter: this satellite image from nasa shows just how
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is from space. it's expected to sit over washington, d.c. for the next 36 hours dumping up to 2 1/2 feet of wet heavy snow. officials are concerned about 50-mile-per-hour winds toppling trees on roofs and power lines. >> this is a life-threatening type of storm. >> reporter: with the potential for three inches of snow an hour, district officials are making main roads and snow evacuation routes a priority. >> get off the street. you know be safe. >> reporter: air travel has been challenging. united airlines plane skidded off the runway in at o'hare in chicago. no one was injured but other airports are suspending service as a procautionp along the jersey shore it's not the snow but a lunar high tide that has residents worried about coastal flooding. while new yorkers are bracing for up to a foot of snow. >> i am an australian guy buying salt scared of the blizzard. >> reporter: officials say 50million people are in the storm's path.
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capitol hill, the beauty of a snowstorm when it first begins to roll in. here on the nation's capital you can barely see the capitol dome. and now the power and dangerousness of the storm. officials warn potentially that i had 911 response -- delayed 911 response times as the snow picks up tonight and saturday night morning and saturday night and they are talking about extensive power outages. we will keep an eye on it and toss back to you eric. >> creek craig thanks. tonight with -- thanks craig. tonight the main storm system is developing. this is the initial storm that was out there tomorrow night. and now transferring towards the coastline and as it wraps up huge area with one to two foot snow totals are likely in dc and wouldn't be surprised if some areas pick up 3 feet of snowfall. the all time greatest storm is up there. we will show you in a second. roanoke 18 to 24. new york looking at a foot of snow out of this one. even though we are not setting
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blizzard it will have a impact. major hubs along the way travel back and forth. we will feel it in some way. here the biggest storms in dc that's been the epicenter of this one. the third place storm in 1979 in february right around valentine's day 1899, that's the last time they had 20 inches of snow in dc to put that. >> context and all time one actually i should say that is the last time over 20 inches is 1922. a 28 and a incredible scene by the middle of the weekend. down the city. thank you. the storm is making a mess states. thousands of flights just on the east coast are canceled. airports are quiet in places and some passengers are strand. let's go live to chantee lans who joins us live at logan. >> reporter: good evening. there's a bit of a crowd here at logan innational airport. i will step to the side so you can look for yourself. we spoke with some folks who
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to atlanta and through baltimore. unfortunately, some will not make it. from baltimore, to raleigh durham to atlanta, we watched flights canceled as boston international airport. this amid a potentially record setting snowstorm offsetting weekend plans for travelers. >> i am looking at mid atlantic flights and a lot seem to be canceled. >> reporter: brian hunt and thedd us won't be able to make it back after touring boarding skoals. >> we will have to stay somewhere like in new york and wait until the weather clears. >> i am ready to be home. because i have been gone for a couple days and want to see everyone. but, i like the snow. so. >> reporter: john is traveling back home to atlanta. >> last year we came in and left the day before the big blizzard in january. >> reporter: yeah. >> and so i guess we are cutting it close again this year. >> reporter: and a few more
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jfk in new york and another airport in detroit. reporting leave at logan airport chantee lans, wbz news. >> one headache. thanks so much. the winter storm forcing changes to amtrak schedules as well. acela express and northeast regional in and out of boston operating on a modified schedule. so passengers check online for any big changes. the storm is so big that it stretches down to tampa florida. look at the picture out of tampa today. it's not snow but it's not nice. we will have much more on the other areas affected as well, coming up in less than ten minutes. get the most up-to-date information on the weekend tomorrow and any storm with the cbs boston weather app free in the google store on apple app store. the other big story the afc championship. patriots are on their way to denver where they will take on manning and the broncos. our team is in denver covering the big game. >> let's start with the ports
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know you just got there to the mile high city. >> that's right. i just arrived to 50 degree weather. it's nice. if anyone thought manning would play on cold weather on sunday think again. it's expected to be in the 30s and 40s. broncos what good practice how about the patriots. let's take a look. let's go to the practice field where they were at practice. the last time before getting here to colorado late this afternoon. pats injury report is releaseded and there are -- released and there's 16 players listed as questionable a50-50 chance they will play on saturday. among the names collins and gronkowski and hightower jones and and the captain slater and, of course, edelman is on the list with broken foot. he would be playing his second game since mid-november but number 11 says he ramped it up at practice and preparation for another trip to the super bowl. >> i just going out and catching extra balls. you know.
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iscome down to fundmentals and getting opened and catching the ball and that's my job. >> as for the broncos they had practice in englewood colorado awaiting the defending champs and condition ver is on the same mission as the pats -- anddenver is on the same mission as the pats. there's an obstacle in the way to the championship game. >> they are always in my way. they are always in my way to get what i want so it's naturally going to create hate i got a ton of respect for the organization. they got great players and tom brady is a great player and bill bell check is a great -- belichick is a great coach. >> you hate them. >> yeah. >> that's the story here. we are waiting for patriots to get here. david let's go back to you. >> you beat them there. thanks. team coverage is just getting started let's go to kate merrill and you spent quality time with the fans out there today.
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i am going to admit i was uncomfortable here. imagine this, downtown denver the street a sea of orange. broncos. they are all pumped up here in denver trying to convince themselves and us that they are actually going to win. [ music ] >> reporter: on the streets of downtown denver, afc fever is taking over. >> go. broncos. bronco fan. >> reporter: if you are patriotsfan this is the last -- this is the last pleas you want patriots fan. >> i take their souls when they go to sleep at night. >> reporter: this is how denver gets ready gearing up and dressing up for the big game. but us new englanders don't always get it. what are you. >> bronco fairy.
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>> spreading good luck bronco fairy dust. >> reporter: from fairies andrap mrs we don't see the pats and we are going to run them over. >> reporter: to whatever this guy is. what is all of this what's going on. >> orange. all about the broncos orange sunday ideas. >> reporter: and in all -- sundaes and in all the-- . >> reporter: and in all the orange they think they have a chance. >> we will go out full steam ahead and the very beginning and it's going to be us screaming to get them all the way. >> reporter: it's bronco fever all over the place on stores. ever i wouldone -- everyone is wearing shirts and it's a sea of orange everywhere you look. coming up at 6, i will tell outthe most surprising thing i learned about bronco fans and david and lisa, you won't believe it. we are live in denver tonight
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>> all right whoa started a >> over. >> you can't keep saying over. new word. >> wbz is proud tonight patriots station we will have live reports owl weekend long -- allend long many tomorrow night all access live from denver at 7:00 and on sunday wbz starts off with a two-hour edition of game day at noon. and then of course stick with us for the 3:00 kick off and you will see the patriots broncos here on wbz. then after the game join us for the 5th quarter post game show. worst rap ever. >> it's over when we say over because we will have the last word. coverage of the historic winter storm hitting the east coast getting started newspaper next we will talk about the areas outside washington, d.c. that are getting hit with a lot of snow. >> a crash course in valet driving leaving a car wiping away pool water.
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welcome back. he want to show you a live particularture from washing --
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heaviest snow is expected to come tonight and tomorrow. it's a massive storm affecting tens of millions of people. >> the east coast is getting worse by the minute. paula ebben has more. >> reporter: the storm is expected to bring double digits snow totals to areas that really get more than few inches at a time. let's give outlive look -- give outlive look at washington, d.c. where it's supposed to be the worst storm in a century. people have been rushing to grab essentials from shovels to ice melt and gloves. in virginia, the national guard is on stand by. forecast railroads warning people in that -- forecasters are warning people to hunk endown. to tennessee and drivers are having trouble navigating the road. official say highway equipment can't keep up with the storm. and slip sliding in north carolina. plows had to go around drivers stuck in the snow. and the same system is bringing
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and they are not used to those temperatures. so far we know that 5 people have died in storm relatedcrashes. for now live in the satellite center paula ebben wbz now is. >> thank you. appreciate it. and you know eric, we joke at times that other parts of the country don't know how to deal with the snow like we do but this is dangerous for folks. >> best thing to do when you have a storm like this is stay at home. if you don't have to be out there you don't want to travel especially north and south carolina and georgia and tennessee where they don't deal with frequent winter storms like we do. what are we talking about in southern new england first flakes -- england, first flakes tomorrow. and it will head out quickly heading towards sunday morning. the impact is on saturday and saturday night. winter storm warnings along the south shore and cape and south coast. winter weather advisory is to the north.
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the an reminder we see sometimes a blizzard warning issued for the area. sustained winds or gust over 35 miles per hour. into the blizzard. falling or blowing snow. you don't have to have any snow falling it could be snow on the ground being blown around and visibility a quarter mile or less for three hours. so it doesn't anything to do with the snow total but visibility and wind speeds. here's the storm tonight getting wrapped up in some of this that's going to transfer system headheading into overnight hours -- heading into the overnight hours. no reports of region and pen vains yeah. tonight thickening clouds and teens to 20s for overnight lows a little milder than the last couple nights. here's big part of the storm -- here's the big part of the storm where's band of heaviest snow going? how far north is it going to make it in all indications is it will be on our doorstep tomorrow afternoon and evening.
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totals in or south and spare the area or stay where it is the forecast that we are going with right now. heading towards sunday morning, that band will pivot farther off to the east and the storm moves out to sea heading through sunday. no big issues. watching the snow moving up towards new york city tonight tomorrow morning flakes break out on the south coast and cape and heading towards med day andwill -- early afternoon it will run northward running into drier air as it does so that's why we have the lower total north and west of boston. new hampshire probably not seeing flakes. all the focus southeastern parts of massachusetts where we have the highest impact from this one. so snow totals again just a coating to maybe an inch north and west. one to three along the north shore into boston westward along the pike. and 3 to 6 in southeastern massachusetts and we could see isolated totals top a half a foot along the buzzard bay region and south coast if the dan can get farther north.
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up as the day goes on. gusty in the afternoon and evening. we could see isolated power outage with the wet snow consistency. mainly the outer cape nantucket and that's where you get the heavier snowfall clinging to things and the biggest power outage rich. farther iland gusty and cold but won't cause damning. and going to sunday -- inland, gusty and cold but won't cause damage. and going to sunday it's moving offshore to the cape and island. high tides maim sunday morning's high tide cycle around lunchtime late morning to early afternoon. we have got high tides becauseof the full moon watching the bay side of the cape nantucket and south shore for the highest risk. temperature wise we get a wet snow, temps colder inland in the 20s all day lopping. we work in the sunshine on sunday and low 30 tion our high tem -- 30s our high temps and it will feel better next week. most of this impact is saturday and nothing left into the end
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the full accu-weather 7-day, upper 30s on monday. 40s on tuesday with a couple rain showers and we stay well into the 30s for wednesday and thursday and friday. so david and lisa, a little easier stretch compared to the cold this week. >> that will make a difference. thank you. still to come, move over man bun. >> a new fashion trend in town when it comes to your hair. we will tell you about it. >> first a flood of trouble in one brockton neighborhood. a water main break forces popular businesses to shut down. >> coming upton at 6, does this look like julian edelman? we will introduce you to the look-alikes to see who will
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come
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i'm bernie sanders,
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now at 5 a major water main break floods brocka brockton neighborhood and one restaurant is out of business for a second time. bill shields has the story all new at 5.
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finished up repairs on water main, paul stewart sat at bar of his restaurant and wondered about the future. >> you can't take the shut downs and this is another one i mean, and we are dealing with the same problem out there. that's just -- i never would have thought this would happen again. >> reporter: the basement is the heartbeat the food coolers and heat and cooling system now ruined after the rupture water main sent water cascading in and took out 26 years of customer loyalty. >> a lot of great people come surrounding towns. you know there's an impact not just on us but on them too. >> reporter: -assuming store front belies a kitchen product that attracts business and over. is a regular. >> kind of cheers like. >> yeah it is and it's one of brockton. >> reporter: this is more than a burger joint or a brockton
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what this is, is a family business. the family is not so sure now it's going to survive this. in brockton bill shields wbz news. >> thank you. you will eon the news -- see on the news a car going no a pool but probably never seen this a car going through a wall and ening up in an indoor pool. this happened at a cambridge condo building you can see that the wiper blades are going on the car. how did it happen in a valet was driving the suv when he accidentally hit the accelerateor instead of the brakes. the jeep crashed through the wall of 12 museum way into the pool. the valet did escape with just minor injuries. we know basketball fans will do all kinds of things to try to distract players on the opposing team or the free-throw line. >> but a tactic unlike anything we have seen. >> five little numbers turned them into million airs. west bridge watter's lucky
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>> i am dan roche as wrap up -- as they wrap up practice and what are they talking about? how about gronk.
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